PRE-PAID FUNERALS ... are they for me??

Pre-Planning your Funeral ... are they for me??

When faced with having to make funeral arrangements, most people have no prior experience in organising such an event, and little knowledge of what to do.

Pre-planning or pre-paying for your funeral can protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress related to making difficult decisions at an emotional time and relieve them from any financial burden.

CG Moody Funerals can alleviate this burden for you by guiding you through the planning process, explaining the products and services available and the costs involved in options such as:

  • Pre-paid funerals
  • Funeral Bonds
  • Funeral Insurance

Pre-planning or pre-paying a funeral can be completed through an appointment with                       CG Moody Funerals. 


By pre paying a funeral ,you are relieving your family from the financial burden and distress of making decisions at an emotional time. 


 Pre paying a funeral, you are purchasing tomorrow's funeral at today's prices.



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We are humbled and  extremely proud, lending that helping hand                                  to our families in their time of need.