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Collaborative, unique approach over the years has seen C.G. Moody & Daughter Funerals stand out in the fixed price funeral arena.

Coffin & casket range

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Laminated coffins


Ashmont honey oak

Ashmont rosewood

Ashmont sapele

Ashlin Sapele

Ashmore rosewood

Ashmore sapele

Ashmore teak

Ashford cedar

Ashford rosewood

Ashford sapele

Ashford teak



Solid timber coffins

Ashdown mahogany

Ashgrove rosewood

Ashington rosewood

Ashliegh rosewood

Ashmand cedar

Ashmead colonial pine




Ashbourne rosewood

Ashburton cedar half lid

Ashburton Rosewood full lid

Ashburton rosewood half lid



White coffins




Ashbelle white wash

Ashford white

Ashmore white

Ashroyal mother of pearl

Environmental coffins